Nacelle and Blade

Nacelle and Blade

Possibly the most safety critical applications in the green energy industry are found on wind turbines where the height and movement of the equipment makes it especially important to fasten securely. AFS fasteners are used in numerous applications to secure wind turbines including fastening the tower frame and fastening the nacelle blades. AFS have special fasteners available for fastening the strong composite materials common to wind towers.




Blade attachment
Cone attachment


Step attachment
Segment attachment


Step gate removal


Segment attachment

  • Vibration resistant - will not work loose over time
  • Maintenance free - requires no checking or re-tightening
  • High fatigue strength - compared to nuts and bolts
  • Re-usable - up to 5 times with no performance loss according to ISO2320
  • High vibration resistance - compared to standard nuts
  • Available in classes 6, 8 & 10 and manufactured to ISO 7042 standard
  • Grip range up to 7.5 times wider than similar products
  • Requires a push to close and a ¼ turn to open
  • For use in panel applications where quick access is required
  • Vibration resistant - for a secure joint even under extreme vibration
  • Re-usable - for a minimum of 15 times without performance loss (ISO 2320)
  • Consistent performance - reduces the cost of monitoring and inspection

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