The Simmonds range of fasteners is based around the Nylstop self-locking Simmonds have developed a wide range of special nuts including anchor nuts, cage nuts, weld nuts and washer nuts. The Simmonds manufacturing team also have the expertise and machinery to make virtually any part to drawing.

Typical applications include frame joints and any other application where a re-usable locking nut or cold forged special are required.

Nylstop Nut

The original Simmonds Nylstop nut incorporates a nylon collar within the nut as the primary locking mechanism. This allows the nut to lock on the bolt providing a much stronger hold than standard nuts. Nylstop nuts are re-usable up to 15 times without performance loss.

Standard Nuts

Simmonds offers a wide range of other standard nuts including anchor nuts, cage nuts, weld nuts and washer nuts each with its own distinct features.

Special Nuts

Simmonds has the ability to make a wide range of nuts to customer specification. The Simmonds design engineering team is highly experienced in developing innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Simmonds through their team of highly skilled engineers and advanced equipment can design, prototype and manufacture virtually any machined part to fit your requirements.


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