Working with AFS offers you several advantages

  • Maintenance free and corrosion resistant joints

    AFS understands the heavy burden that maintenance can place on a manufacturer or owner of green energy equipment especially in safety critical applications like wind tower and nacelles. The AFS product range includes many fasteners which are able to reduce and eliminate corrosion and costly maintenance. In addition AFS can develop bespoke fastening solutions to solve specific maintenance problems in green energy applications.

    The first ever AFS projects in the green energy market speaks in volumes about the products and benefits which our products offer.

  • Safety and Quality go 'hand in hand'

    In many cases the equipment used to generate green energy is large and operates in demanding conditions. A wind turbine, for example, requires large moving parts operating at a great height. Finding quality and reliable fasteners to fasten such machinery safely without compromising performance is very important. AFS specializes in providing manufacturers with fastening systems to build safe components and machinery.

    Part of providing safe products is ensuring that they reach the highest quality standards. AFS has established advanced quality systems and procedures to eliminate fastener defects. Full traceability is maintained at all times throughout the process with all relevant conformance documentation, reports and certificates of analysis available upon request.

  • Specialization Capabilities

    AFS prides itself on the quality of its manufacturing machinery which ranges from advanced screw machining equipment and cold forging machinery to hot forging and heat treating stations. Not only AFS's equipment but their experience as well means that they can manufacture virtually any type of fastener, forging or component no matter how large or small. The AFS team of experts will work closely with you from design stage to production to ensure you get a product which exactly matches your requirements.


Want to know more?

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